Join Links Created by the Trace Option should be highlighted automatically (Parcel Editor)

Idea created by smoussadji on Oct 15, 2015
    • mhillig1
    • smoussadji

    When joining a new parcel to an existing parcel fabric, you have the option of using the trace tool to create multiple links at once. After creating the links, it would be helpful if all of the new links were highlighted in the Join dialog box. Currently, a set of join links are highglighted when you click 'ok' to the trace dialog box, but the links that are highlighted are arbitrary. Some of the highlighted links are ones created with the trace option, but other links that are highlighted are ones you created manually ahead of time.

    By having all of the links you just created with the trace highlighted in the join dialog box, you have the option to remove them all in one go in case a mistake was made with the trace tool.