Setting widgit sources in Web App Builder

Idea created by tturo on Oct 13, 2015
    • tturo
    • mattias_j
    I haven't found this problem on here yet.  I have a web app that I am using as a dashboard to display inspection results for managers and project oversight.  My issue is that I need to create a new version of the same layer every few weeks, and thus I need to set the source of the widgits to display/query on this newest layer.  When I change the source layer (feature service hosted by AGOL and set to public), all the arguments for the query, chart, search or whatever are wiped out completely.  This is a huge pain, as there can be up to a dozen queries that need to be rewritten every other week.  Why don't the queries persist, even though the layer has changed sources?  The schema of the layer is the same, I just strip off the photos and republish the layer with a new name.  All of the values that the queries are referencing should still persist.  This is the case for all the widgits, the search, charts, queries, layers, tables, etc.  I thought that the save as template option might be my fix, but that was a ridiculous waste of time.  Please help!  I think a lot of users would appreciate this function.