Really different dataconnections for each user in ArcCatalog

Idea created by ldoorn on Oct 8, 2015
    • ldoorn
    When making a dataconnection in ArcCatalog for user A this connection will also used for the second connection with user B  and so on when the connection is made to the same instance and server.
    This is not workable when you want to change for example the priveleges of objects owned by user B.
    The option is grayed out because the connection is still of user A who is not allowed to make changes on object owned by user B.
    You have to delete all the existing connections to the same instance and server and then setup a new first connection for user B.
    Administrators often keep control of different database schema users other than end users because of storage design of de geometrisch data in the database.
    It should be very usefull when you can make different connection to the same instance and server with the right user connection.