Parcel Remainder Tool:  option to select or unselect parcels to create remainders

Idea created by lygismav on May 4, 2016
    Already Offered

    Every once in a while I want to create a SINGLE parcel remainder.  it would be useful if we could select or unselct all of the parcels that we would like to create remainders for.

    Example:  I have a parcel that had incorrectly been drawn.  It currently crosses a section line.  The part of the parcel on the North side of the section line should have one PIN, and the part of the parcel on the South of the section line should have another pin.

    I could quickly fix this issue using section parcel and the remainder tool...  However there ofcourse are about 500 parcels in that section.  I do not want to uncheck 500 parcels just to take advantage of the remainder tool.