WebApp Builder - Situational Awareness Widget - keep layer visible!

Idea created by XTOMidstream on May 4, 2016
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    The new situational awareness widget has been a really useful tool for our field staff and has replaced our klunky geoprocessing services.  I have had numerous field operators ask if the widget can be configured so that the target layer remain visible when the widget is activated.  Currently, the field operators are using the widget to draw polygons and aggregate the pressure data in the underlying points.  The problem is that when they activate the tool, the point layer turns off and they have to turn it back on to see the desired points.

    Can the widget currently be configured so that the layer stays on (I couldn't find a way)?
    Can this option be added to the next version of the widget?

    Thank you

    Jon Barlett
    GIS Analyst, XTO Energy, Inc.