Dynamic Time Slider in AGOL for use with continuously updating REST services

Idea created by 1_304699 on May 2, 2016

    When creating a map or app on AGOL to display data from a real-time, time aware map service (REST endpoint) that has updating data on the backend, it would be great to have the time slider dynamically adjust to show data from the time period that is available from the map service on the backend.  Without this feature, when data on the map service ages off and new data becomes available, the time slider stays the same.  You have blank frames for data that has aged off and are missing data that has become available since the time slider was initiated.  The only way to update the time slider is either to refresh the whole map/app or "disable time" and then re-"enable time."  

    Ideally, it would be nice to set the time slider to query the REST service for unique times that are currently available and also allow the AGOL user to select the amount of time or latest number of frames that they would like to display using the time slider.