Have SQL Queries on Layers Obvious

Idea created by nell130 on Apr 19, 2016
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    I would love if there was a feature where, say, in the TOC (table of contents) a layer would be bolded, or italicized, or had an * (asterisk) placed beside it to signify that layer had a definition query against it. This would provided a fast way to know if you’re looking at a complete dataset off the bat.

    Adding to that, having an “SQL Manager” where you could access the SQL queries in various layers all at once would be very convenient.

    This SQL manager would be very powerful (and extra amazing) if you had the option to apply a query against multiple layers at once – rather than having to update each layer with each modified query.
    So. Overall it would be awesome to see:
    1. TOC layers with symbology (bold, italic, * etc.) to signify SQL queries are being applied to that layer.
    2. “SQL Manager” to allow easier management of various layers with SQL queries applied against them. Even better, allow the option to apply SQL queries to various layers at once.
    Thank you!