Support customised popups in 3D web apps

Idea created by geodoozer on Apr 15, 2016
    I don't seem to be able to make a 3D web app with nice popups:
    • I cannot configure popups in web scenes.
    • If I make the popups in a 2D web map, and save as layer, then use that layer in my web scene, then use that web scene in a 3D configured application and use the 3D configured application in a story map, the popups are not honored at the app stage.
    Is it possible to address this, so we can have informative and attractive popups?
    0EME0000000Y10A  Web map popup

    0EME0000000Y10F  Web scene popup (made in web map then saved as layer)

    0EME0000000Y10K  Web app popup