Icon Size

Idea created by tjsantan on Oct 30, 2014
    • tjsantan

    I am just starting to use Explorer - the GIS app - on my iphone. I can change the size of the icons when I am creating the web map on my desktop but the items still seem to be too small on my phone. As I zoom out the icons stay about the same size, which is nice because then I can "see them from a distance" and know where to zoom in to. But when I zoom in I am having trouble touching the icon. My finger touches the map very close to the feature and a window pops up saying "No features found". I was wondering if I could make the icon larger or if the range of detection could be increased so that even if I touched the screen 20 meters away (a couple of millimeters away on the screen) then the nearby features would be selected. Perhaps I should use a stylus to more accurately indicate where I want to select on the screen. I hope this comment is helpful and clearly explained. Thank you for your concern.

    Tom Santangelo