Right Click - Statistics for Attribute Table Fields

Idea created by tyschwartz on May 25, 2016

    Please note that this Idea is a Duplicate of Summary Statistics Workflow in ArcGIS Pro.  The score of this Idea will be considered in sum with the score of Summary Statistics Workflow in ArcGIS Pro.  Please go to that Idea to up vote if you're looking for this functionality.  Marked as a Duplicate by Kory Kramer

    Please add the same functionality you had in ArcMap for pulling statistics from a field in an attribute table. The Summary Statistics GP tool is much less efficient and more cumbersome because it involves many more steps to export process and open a table just to do the same thing in ArcMap that took 2 clicks.


    For instance, if I wanted to do a select by location to select a number of points within a 3 mile ring, and figure out quickly what the mean, sum, std deviation is (and then do this again for a 6 mile, 10 mile, 20 mile ring), all I would have to do is a select my location, and then right click the field in my table (Right click - Statistics) and write those values down. I could also use the dropdown to record those sum mean std dev values for other fields as well. I could then do another select by location and repeat the process for each of my rings, etc.


    Now in ArcGIS Pro, I need to select by location, summary statistics GP tool, export a spreadsheet, open the spread sheet, record the values, go back to Pro, do another select by location, etc.  I could have 20 different spreadsheets by the time I have done all my selections, and in 4x the amount of time and clicks.


    Please please PLEASE give us back the statistics window from ArcMap. Give the user the option to either quickly view the statistics OR export to spreadsheet using Summary Statistics GP tool!  Dont remove functionality! Improve it!


    Also, please incorporate Business Analyst extension into ArcGIS Pro. You probably already have plans I am sure but thought I would mention it while Im here.


    Thank you