Reconfigure ArcGIS Online vs. ESRI vs. myESRI, etc.

Idea created by seed123 on May 23, 2016
    ESRI does have phenomenal customer service. So, this idea has nothing to do with that. What it has to do with is the fact that over time, your products and offerings have grown so large, that they are becoming almost un-navigable. You have user IDs that tie to various accounts, and credits and subscriptions. Some things you have to get a quote for, while others can be updated online. There are times when an individual could (over the course of their time jumping from organization to organization) have up to 5 different logins for various things. I realize the the consolidation of logins is a huge effort - that's really not worth your time. What is; however, is providing a better user experience for signing-up for services. I get passed to 3 different windows for my ArcGIS Online account - between a Developer Account, an ArcGIS Account and then myESRI. What someone does within each is just WAYYYYY too much. It's becoming overwhelming and has me almost wanting to buy new software products, because you all keep growing and forgetting that some people are coming to your services for the first time. It's not a pleasant user experience - it has become dreadful. I would suggest going back to basics. Making a real effort toward the connections between your various products and how sometimes expansion is not the key, but online quality experiences/ services. Don't get me wrong, customer service is very helpful - but you all are suffering online. Users, even seasoned ones like myself, almost get lost in their own products and subscriptions. It's too hard to figure out what's tied to my account, how to upgrade services and then of course what I actually get for those. It's killing you in the marketplace, and has me considering much more straightforward models, simply because they are easier to understand.