Open more than one instance of ArcGIS Pro at a time with Drag and Drop ability

Idea created by Larry_Nierth on May 13, 2016

    Visually comparing various map frames, symbologies and layouts require having them open at the same time.  I cannot count how many times in a week I have 2-3+ projects open at once.  Dragging and dropping (copy/paste) between open projects is a major perk and time saver of ArcMap.  This is needed especially during the migration process to ArcGIS Pro when examining the subtle differences of importing items over from a traditional ArcMap user base and recreating templates. 


    Please enable a desktop user with a named account linked to an org account to open as many ArcGIS Pro instances as their workstation can handle.  Being stuck to one instance at a time is a big problem.


    -Larry Nierth

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