More Living Atlas Layers Available for Analysis Tasks

Idea created by AHARR1_NikeInc on Sep 3, 2015
    • AHARR1_NikeInc

    Living Atlas Layers available for AGOL analysis tools are limited to US standard geographies and Hexbins for global use that are not useful or relevant for business industry analysis.  Standard geography boundaries for other countries that align with the demographic data in AGOL should also be available for Analysis tasks such as, but not limited to, Aggregate Points, Find Existing Locations, Enrich Layer, Dissolve Boundaries.  These types of analysis tasks area commonly used for business market assessment.  Currently, the workaround is to create a thematic layer in BAO and then bring the layer over to AGOL in which case the geographic boundaries are available for analysis tasks.  However, this is cumbersome and the layer is limited to the map extent.