Toggle multiple CAD drawing layers

Idea created by rzufelt on Sep 1, 2015
    • rzufelt
    • rchasan
    Please give us the ability to turn CAD "Drawing Layers" on/off by selection.  Currently, you can turn all on, all off, or toggle one at a time.

    Most CAD people tend to put hundreds and hundreds of layers in each CAD file, normally, a dozen or so are the actual "data".  Often, they seem to even use existing CAD files, and modify for the current project, but doesn't seem like they know how to delete "old" info.

    So, I end up scrolling through, one by one, hundreds of layers to toggle on/off.  Why not let us select a group of layers (hold control, or shift for range as standard), and allow us to toggle on/off the entire selection at once.

    Each new version of Desktop slows us down a enough, without the added frustration of having to deal with this.