Follow Feature during Annotation Construction

Idea created by BruceLang on Sep 1, 2015
    • jfournier
    • BruceLang

    ArcGIS Desktop Standard 10.3.1

    Most annotation features are placed along a line following the same angle as the line.  We use the "Follow Feature" placement when adding these annotation features.  However, follow feature does not always follow the clicked line segment, it likes to virtually group adjacent line segments together, making the annotation hard to place onto shorter lines.

    I should stress these lines are broken at their segments but treated as a single line by follow feature.  The image below shows placing "49.48" along the short line segment, but is following adjacent line segments.  It should be at the same angle as the other 49.48.  Continuing to move the cursor "may" get it to the right angle, but the angle should be constrained to the clicked line segment.