Allow More Zoom Range in AGOL Maps

Idea created by mdevin on Aug 20, 2015

    This idea has been merged with Zoom beyond basemap in AGOL.

    Hi there,

    I use ArcGIS Online (AGOL) to create and share online maps with colleagues in my organization. Specifically, I have created a map for our industrial port that describes locations, attributes and attachments pertaining to buried utilities around our industrial area.  

    I enjoy the functionality of the AGOL maps, however I feel that there is not enough zoom capability when using the Esri World Imagery basemap.  I understand that it is unreasonable to ask for much more resolution, and that is not my complaint.  I think it would be helpful to zoom in beyond a 1:1000 scale to get a closer view of tightly group point features, regardless of how pixelated the basemap imagery becomes.  

    For instance, there is a site on my map with a group of wells, valves and fittings.  I am unable to zoom in far enough to see the detailed locations of these features.  They all just sort of overlap each other.  I know that when I click one, I can page through the attribute balloon popups for each one by clicking the arrow button, but that can be cumbersome for myself and my colleagues.  My colleagues use the map on their mobile devices to find locations of utilities in the field.  It is hard for them to get the correct sense for where things actually are if they cannot zoom in far enough to distinguish a feature's location.  

    I think Esri ought to allow the AGOL maps to zoom in further, at least to a 1:100 scale, in order to allow users to distinguish attributes that are closely grouped.  The resolution can stay the same and is not important.  This would be very helpful to our organization (and others I'm sure).  

    What do you think?

    Blaine Wruck, GIS Technician
    Port of Morrow in Boardman, OR