Create an option for ArcGIS Online administrators to limit the length of time an ArcGIS Pro license can be checked offline by users.

Idea created by kpinkston-esristaff Employee on Aug 19, 2015
    Partially Implemented

    Currently, so long as a user has been assigned an ArcGIS Pro license by an AGOL admin, it is possible for that user to check their license offline for the duration of the organization's subscription. This can result in reduced productivity if other users do not have access to said license. Admins should have the ability to assign a license to a user and designate how long a license can be checked offline and/ or restrict a user from taking a license offline at all. Examples of scenarios where this applies most importantly are interns, students and consultants that are planned to work on a project for a limited amount of time and should not continue use of an Organization's licenses once removed from the Org.