Collector App: location flags display bearing from current locations in addition to lat/long

Idea created by kulasdn on Aug 19, 2015
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    It would be awesome if, when in the Collector App and you press on the screen to identify a location, the blue flag or carrot that comes up displaying lat/long coordinates also contains the bearing and distance from your current location in its display. For example, when you tap on the screen and the blue flag appears, it would display the lat/long coordinates of that location (as the app does presently) but also decimal degrees and bearing 0-360o

    This would effectively enable one to navigate directly to the point of interest since most smart devices have a pre-loaded compass, or they are easy to download as separate apps, thus mitigating the need to have this navigate to bearing function available in Collector (which would also be reaalllllyyyy nice, we don't use street directions because we are often in natural areas).

    It is my understanding that the Navigator for ArcGIS App doesn't navigate 'as the crow flies' to specific bearings, but I could be wrong as I have not tested this app.