Add Published AGOL Service to AutoCAD (ArcGIS for AutoCAD)

Idea created by mdevin on Aug 19, 2015
    Hi there,

    I use the Local Government information model and recently started using ArcGIS Online (AGOL) to provide utility maps within my organization.  It is important for me to be able to produce printable maps for my colleagues using our organization-specific layout.  Typically, we do this in AutoCAD.  

    In the past (before we started using GIS last month), we have just used Google Earth to snip basemap imagery and insert it into an AutoCAD DWG, along with our survey point data or linework.  This was cumbersome to say the least.  I am now using ArcGIS for AutoCAD plugin to bring in basemaps, but that still does not address the matter of our utility data from our geodatabase.

    Since we are now using ArcGIS, I want to be able to import content from our AGOL map or our file geodatabase into AutoCAD to create maps (along with basemap imagery) using the ArcGIS for AutoCAD Plugin.  I have called Esri support but they say that it is currently not possible to import your own content from an AGOL service or file geodatabase.  

    In all honesty, it is too cumbersome to create maps in ArcMap layout view.  There is no functionality to import our own layout template, and my colleagues are much more accustomed to using AutoCAD to create maps (I am the only one who knows how to use GIS).  

    I think this functionality would be very useful.  If there was a way to import my GIS content into AutoCAD, retaining spatial information, attributes, symbology and all, that would be extremely helpful and would be a huge time saver for our organization (and others I am sure).  I have tried to export my feature classes to a DWG using the Export to CAD tool in ArcMap, but it does not retain symbology or attribute information.  

    Please add the ability to add ArcGIS online content or file geodatabase content to AutoCAD via the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plugin. 

    Blaine Wruck, GIS Technician
    Port of Morrow in Boardman, OR