Add Geoportal Search Widget to Web App Builder

Idea created by kwobbe on Aug 12, 2015
    I want to submit a request to have the ESRI Web App Builder Team add the "Geoportal Search Widget" to the offerings of configurable apps available out-of-the-box through Web App Builder.  It would be most beneficial to have this widget included so it could be easily added to viewers such as the ArcGIS Online (AGOL) viewer, or the Geocortex HTML5 viewer (offered by Latitude Geographics an ESRI Business Partner).

    Background info:
    The Geoportal Search Widget developed by the ESRI Geoportal Team has provided some great functionality to the FLEX viewer integrated with Geoportal Server. This widget could be added to Web App Builder!  It offers two levels of functionality that the Web App Builder Widgets have not addressed and currently do not offer.
         1. Geoportal Search Widget enables search and discovery of map services ("Live Maps and Services") providing a list of search results.
         2. A link is provided in the search results for the map services discovered and "Add to Map" is offered in the form of a search result link, which allows for the map service to be easily added to the viewer allowing the user to mash-up the services quickly and easily to create a web map.

    It would be greatly beneficial on the user-end if these two ESRI Teams could work together to offer the Geoportal Search widget in Web App Builder as an off-the-shelf configurable app.