Coordinate Widget in WebApp Builder should also trigger a popup if an alternate coordinate system is selected.

Idea created by Epilnick on Aug 12, 2015
    • Epilnick
    Currently, the Coordinate Widget in WebApp Builder allows the selection of multiple coordinate systems.If WGS84 is selected (By default), the coordinate system is streamed to wherever the pointer lies. However, if I enable my user to select a different coordinate system through the widget, the input to display the coordinate is now a click. As a side effect of requiring a click to get a coordinate, WebApp builder seems to disable my popup.

    As a daily GIS user, this came across as a 'buggy' when I first encountered it, and now after seeing how it is caused, comes across as a design flaw. On the other hand, I need to tell my client, explicitly, that in order to get a pop-up, they have to be using the WGS84 coordinate system. In trying to get my clients to more ready accept GIS tools and to show them their power, this is counter-intuitive.