Data Reviewer Parameters for arcpy.EnableDataReviewer_Reviewer

Idea created by Riverside on Aug 7, 2015
    • Riverside
    Default behavior is Default Checks Invalid Geometry is selected, and for Reviewer Methods the Continue batch processing if checks fail to finish along with Check Dupes in current session.  If I script an enable, then create session, then run a batch job, my job fails because by default Invalid geomtry is Checked and Continue Batch if default checks return an error is unchecked.  So, I can never really automate the process through python, because of the one check and one unchecked parameters.  I would like to either have the Invalid Check unchecked when the enable process happens, or allow us the ability to set this via python for parameters. 

    Current script runs at night, then when I come in, in the morning, I need to rerun the batch job in case an invalid geometry was found in an area.  I enable the Data Reviewer each run, as in its a dynamic script.