Symbology: Identity not supported [EsriRuntimeQt SDK (C++)]

Idea created by norbert.thoden on Aug 6, 2015
    • norbert.thoden

    The MessageProcessor support some keywords like
        message.setProperty("_type", "position_report");

        message.setProperty("_action", "update");
        message.setProperty("_control_points", "7846271.25206,4091857.83028");
        message.setProperty("sic", "SFGPUCRRL--E---");
        message.setProperty("_wkid", "3857");

        message.setProperty("uniquedesignation", "Mad dog");

    But there are many more defined within the standard MIL2525. Some of them seams to be supported:

    - The list is to be completed
    - The supported keywords should be added to the documention

    EsriRuntimeQt SDK (C++); Version 10.2.6