Symbology: No custom color within the SymbolDictionary [EsriRuntimeQt SDK (C++)]

Idea created by norbert.thoden on Aug 5, 2015
    • norbert.thoden

    It is not possible to render a military symbol (based on the standard MIL2525 or <removed>) using SymbolDictionary::symbolImage with a arbitrary color (maybe selected by the customer).
    Although this requirement is focussed by MILL2525, it´s not possible....
    Usecase: Multiple teams within a comand and control system..

    From my point of view this in an insuifficiant API!

    Here a snippet of the MIL-STD-2525C from 17 November 2008, 5.4.6, b:

    b. Implementations shall use the default frame colors defined in this standard to indicate
    standard identity. If differentiation is needed within a standard identity category, additional colors should be used (i.e., for the frame or color fill) within that category, but the default colors
    for the other standard identities shall not be changed. Hardware permitting, and unless
    specifically prohibited by system specification for operational reasons, implementation of this
    standard shall provide for operator control of color to the individual icon level. The intent is
    maximum operational flexibility in those situations where the basic default colors are not
    sufficient for ready discrimination (i.e., multiple hostiles which must be differentiated from each other) and to assign a specific color to a special interest target without reference to its standard identity.

    EsriRuntimeQt SDK (C++); Version 10.2.6