Group Feature Layers when sharing from ESRI for Office to AGO

Idea created by jmcewen_ebrgis on Jul 31, 2015
    • jmcewen_ebrgis
    • nigo2
    I love ESRI for Office. But if we could upload and share layers as a group of feature layers then that would increase the capability to organize table data as geospatial products. For example, I have four feature layers of election results for a single election cycle stored in an Excel file of multiple spreadsheets that I want to put into a single group of layers that I can turn on an off. If I could have individual groups of separate election cycles, each with it's own set of feature layers for that election cycle, I could create a cleaner web applicaton with historical eleciton results that allows the user to look at a list of election results organized by eleciton cycle instead of having them all jumbled together. - See more at: Group layers for ArcGIS online