Multiple Select by Attribute and Location dialogs

Idea created by rborchert on Jul 30, 2015
    • rborchert
    • mhillig1
    Often it would be very handy to have multiple Select by Attribute and Select by Location windows open at the same time.  And make them dockable.

    For example.  This morning I needed to populate all Reclosers and Fuses with the phase of hte line they are attached to.  These devices are attached to the Primary by a device leader that is attached to a device point.

    Sometimes the device leader will cross over (but is not connected to) a different line.

    So to do this I make a defintion query to make both primary layers only A phase.  Select all device points that intersect the visible primaries, Then select all device leaders that intersect selected device points, then select all Fuses and reclosers that intersect selected leaders.  Populate the phase field.

    Rinse and repeat for each phase.

    I could selecte all A phase lines with a select by Attribute and continue from there in stead of the definition query.

    Where this would be  handy in this instance would be to do a Query to select all A phase lines.  
    then select by location all points on those lines.  Then in a separate select by location window select all leaders then in a separate select by location select all fuses and reclosers. etc. without having to re-write the select by each time.