Classification Min/Max Value Ranges Beyond the Data

Idea created by jwillett on Jul 29, 2015
    After a few back and forths between tech support it has been determined that allowing the classification symbology to expand the min/max values (specifically the minimum) outside of the data range is not supported currently.  I have a set of maps, using the same color ramp/value ranges for soil nutrients but the soil sample dataset did not have values in some of the classification ranges. The work around to this problem meant I had to create fake data within my table to compensate for the "missing" value ranges, not cool for data integrity.  The solution offered involved fictitious data in my tables or a duplicate data file (so my orginial data would remain accurate) with the fake ranges.  Who wants duplicate data files?

    Why not just have a check box to allow for adjustments in the manual interval classification method to allow the user to go beyond what the range of values in that specific dataset?

    Here is my example:

    My data ranges from values of 87 to 121.

    I need the minimum to be set to 4 with a max value of >175

    This color schema is used aross lots of samples for nutrient levels that fit within these 5 classifications.

     In the equal interval setting I cannot adjust the min below 87.