ArcGIS Pro pay (credit) usage tools vs non distinction

Idea created by Scott.Fierro on Jul 29, 2015
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    Recently set-up some installs of ArcGIS Pro and after reviewing it we had many concerns regarding the credit usage. There is nothing within ArcGIS Pro that distinguishes an available tool as being a tool that will use and charge credits or a tool that doesn't. Whether ESRI moves all the "pay as you go tools" into a section together or makes a change that makes it glaringly obvious with a marker symbol or colors sort of thing, something should be done to make it quickly understood and recognizable to users.

    I did not attempt to run through any of the tools that I can take a good guess would charge credits to validate whether or not any messaging appears. If not, then in addition to something being done to make "pay as you go" tools visually obvious as being these type of tools there should be some sort of messaing that appears and requires user recognition before the process can be run.

    For example: A user finds tools for geocoding and notices the green dollar bills symbol beside the tool marking it as a "pay as you go" tool that will use credits. The user launches the tool and runs through it and then attempts to run the tool. A pop-up prompt should appear with messaging defining that the user understands running the process will use credits (if possible providing an exact or estimated credit cost would be great) and the user must click an "OK" or "Agree" sort of authorization (could go a step further and force user to enter name). Once the user accepts all of this then the tool is executed, the credits are charged and workflows continue.

    Another idea already hits on the inability to manage/control or turn things on/off so please promote that post as well as I have left those concerns out of this idea.