Symbolize CAD annotation by layer without having to convert into GIS

Idea created by ColleenL on Jul 28, 2015
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    Back in ArcView 3.2, when you added your CAD lines and text, you could symbolize the color of the text by layer.  For example, you want all of your fire hydrant numbers to be the color "red".  Very simple.  ArcMap does not allow you to symbolize text by the layer without converting first to an annotation feature class.  I realize that ESRI changed how ArcMap reads CAD data to be able to symbolize how it looks in the CAD environment; however, who has time to change each element by text font #, size and color.  I have up to a hundred different combinations.  Anyway, so what I thought is why not add the "symbology" tab back for CAD annotation to read simply the layers like the other feature class types to allow you to change the color by layer/level.  When I create hard copy maps or applications that read CAD data, I don't need it to emulate the CAD environment, I want to just be able to change the color by whatever layer/level it is on.  thanks.