Correct the ESRI 'borrow' & reporting from the vendor daemon

Idea created by Dale.Worster_ParsonsCorp on Jul 28, 2015
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    We bill-back to internal projects, programs and customers.  When someone 'Borrows' a license from the ESRI FlexNet license manager, it reports the borrow to the debug.log file as a regular license checkout and writes the borrow event to the audit.log.  It doesn't alway record the return.
    Our largest issue - the ESRI vendor dameon inserts spaces into two area, which invalidates our ability to report on the software use. 

    With LMSTAT (used by many 3rd parties), spaces, double-quotes and other characters in the 'Display Name'  throw off the lines, when we try to import them into spreadsheets.  Because of the thousands of lines, it's unreasonable to try and edit these by hand.  See spaces, circled below

    When reporting out to FlexNet, the vendor daemon should show a UserName, HostName and DisplayName.  Because it uses 2 fields "Activated License(s)" for the single field 'UserName', it pushes the other fields into other column and invalidates our ability to report on this type of information as well.   
    In the two screen shots below, you'll see how the use of  ACTIVATED and  LICENSE(S) (with a space between) pushes the HostName into the DisplayName field .  This causes all reporting through FlexNet Manager to fail as well as trying to report through LMSTAT.  See the ACTIVATED items in Blue - they should be in the HostName column. 

    Below, the item in Green should be the 2nd column, HostName.  It should not in the 3rd, DisplayName column . The correct placement of the non-'ACTIVATED LICENSE(s)'  circled in yellow. 

    You will also see in the images below that ESRI is reporting out bad data to FlexNet Manager, most Users seem to report having 3 licenses (when they have 1) , giving us more than 100% usage of our licensing.
    The systems circled below have 3 licenses in use - same User, Host, Display, Handle and Time checkedout.