Photo Attachments in a Related Table Are Visible in Collector but Invisible in ArcGIS Online or Other Web Mapping Products Offered By ESRI

Idea created by dtostrander23 on Jul 23, 2015
    Partially Implemented
    Our county has made some significant strides toward growing out our GIS into many of our county services. What that has meant, is that we are continuously bringing non-GIS users into the GIS fold. Web maps have been key to driving workflow focused mapping solutions that are less intimidating to new users than full blown mapping software like ArcGIS for Desktop. Additionally, there is a need to have mobile GIS solutions (like Collector) to work cooperatively with Desktop web mapping solutions (like AGOL, Web Map Builder, Operations Dashboard, or ArcGIS Viewer for Flex). When advances are made to Collector, but not also distributed to web mapping solutions used in a desktop environment, the end solution cannot be implemented since vital information is only editable/viewable on one side of the dial (in this case the mobile side only).



    I realize that software development is not something that happens over night, or happens equally across all development teams, but as it sits I have a fantastic product (Collector) that I am unable to fully implement until the desktop side catches up. For this reason I feel that this issue should be escalated to "Critical" so that the time it takes to play catch up can be reduced as much as possible. ESRI has revolutionized the way data can be collected in the field, but without a web based, desktop capable pairing, that advancement ultimately falls short.