Map Stories (Share Items and Edit issues)

Idea created by mildthing_notredamecobham on Jul 22, 2015
    • mildthing_notredamecobham
    • mildling
    • cschajnoha
    I would like to suggest that the following changes be made to map story apps (e.g. Map Journal Builder) as appropriate:

    1: Enable map stories which are only for limited sharing to be able to view any items which are themselves for limited sharing.  The facility for exclusive sharing of items for map stories Organization and Groups does not seem to be working.  Only items shared with 'Everyone' are visible.

    2: Enable a quicker route to make alterations when editing Sections in map stories.  It would be useful to be able to see the existing URL at this stage.

    3: In EDIT SECTION the Image/URL states 'An image should start with http//: end with .jpg or .png'.  This appears to be inaccurate because the URL for ArcGIS hosted images does in fact work, but does not end with .jpg or .png It would be useful to know if there are other exceptions.

    4: Extend the range of choices for position of images and videos with respect to the Floating Panel to have an option which automatically adjusts so that all of the image or video is visible.