Addition: "Misc. Description", "Manufacturer" and "Installed By" fields to Local Government Information Model

Idea created by mdevin on Jul 21, 2015
    • mdevin
    • ryanstovern
    Hi there,

    I think it would be useful to have a few new fields added to the utility-related feature classes in the Local Government Information Model.  We catalog all our utilities using this info model and I like to include all information possible when collecting features in the field.  

    I think having adding fields like "Miscellaneous Description", "Material Details", "Installed By" and "Water Type" to the attribute table for utilities feature classes would be a great addition (obviously Water Type would only apply to water utilities).  I feel that including more information is always better, and I tend to run out of room in the Location Description field when describing the utility.  Also, we are looking for a way to hold our contractors and employees accountable for the utilities they install, as well as know the manufacturer and material details in case of a defective product.  

    I also brought this up in a previous request, but there really needs to be a WaterType attribute in all the Water Distribution feature classes.  We have industral wastewater, farm effluent water, non-potable fresh water among other types, and it would be nice to distinguish one from another in their point and line features.  
    I do not want to create custom attributes in the feature classes because I want to avoid making structural changes to the Local Govt model.  I want to ensure that our organization can upgrade to the next version of the Local Govt model when it is released.  

    Please consider these suggestions.  Thanks so much!

    -Blaine from Port of Morrow in Boardman, OR