Option to disable interactive selection changes on a layer

Idea created by bnelson1985 on Jul 10, 2015
    • bnelson1985
    • rchasan
    Currently, when you turn off selection on a layer, you can still select features in that layer from the table view.  However, selecting anything else in the map view will deselect those features (because it's "unselectable").  There are times when I'd like to keep those features selected, usually as a reference, but still interactively select features in other, "selectable" layers from the map view.

    There are also times when the current behavior is fine, which is why I suggest this as an option or even another layer mode; e.g. instead of "selectable"/"unselectable", have three states: "selectable", "unselectable", "keep selection" (or even a fourth, "lock selection", wherein no selection changes can be made until you unlock it).