AGOL Report-Detailed List of created maps, apps, dashboards etc.

Idea created by rgaddis25 on Jul 7, 2015
    Partially Implemented

    It would be helpful to have a detailed list of all the maps, apps, dashboards etc.that have been created w/in your organization.  A report/list that would live on the AGOL site and could be refreshed as needed.  This report/list should have the possibility of exporting out of AGOL, saving out of/and or printing from AGOL.  A report/list that could be viewed as new ideas come in w/in an organization, to see if there is already a map, app, dashboard that could currently be modified to meet the needs of a new request coming in.  A report list that would let one know how/if a map, app, dashboard is being used.  Details of this report/list would be Title, Description, Last Modified Date, see last 30 day usage, what Groups the maps, apps, dashboards are assigned to, what Members have been assigned to those Groups and what Groups are public.

    As AGOL continues to grow, there needs to be a way to see at a glance what your inventory is of what has been created and be able to sort the above in different ways as things are evaluated, archived and/or created new.  The above is hard to do when you have multiple pages to thumb through from the Gallery.