Connect to Folder... it's time to get rid of it

Idea created by kmsagis Champion on Jun 24, 2015

    Connect to Folder.  We all know we have to explain it to new users. It makes no sense.

    The My Computer is what should be "connected". It should use the standard Windows Open dialogue and everything (every drive, partition, etc) should already be "connected". Now, if the user wants to bookmark certain folders lower in the hierarchy of course they should be able to. Maybe rename it "Bookmarks" or Favorites. Something more user-recognizable and that connotes ESRI has changed the UI to what the rest of the world uses.

    I have never seen another app that needs to "connect" to drive, that are already "connected" to the OS. If the OS has a drive mounted, its root directory should be "connected" to ArcGIS automatically. In other words, let's say I have a C drive and D drive. Two internal hard drives. The first time I start ArcGIS, there should be three folder connections. My Computer, the C:/ and the D:/.   In fact it may even be useful to have their Desktops connected by default and the current users' User folder.

    I have been wanting to file this idea since like 2002. I searched and didn't see this, apologies if this is a duplicate! What does everyone think?