Collector - Distance and bearing navigation

Idea created by david.bojcgdi-net-esridist Employee on Jun 21, 2015

    We need Navigation tool with Distance and Bearing in Collector.


    Directions to here (Routing) in Collector is great feature for Utilities and other industiries where you are working in urban areas, where you have streets.


    But in Forestry, Agriculture, and other natural resources&environmet industries you are working in areas, where there are no streets.


    Tipical workflow in these industies is to find a location where you measure something (Soil pH levels, Increment growing stock)  or you need to check if some violation has been abolished  or you just need to find something for operations purpose (skidding trails, silviculture plots...etc.).


    In this scenarios, the Collector users needs to have a Navigation tool with Distance and Bearing to locate a feature in the field. Something like "Go To" tool in ArcPad has.