Have WebMap less URL dependant

Idea created by 1_ldupont84 on Jun 17, 2015
    Added Web Feature layers in WebMaps are registered as links to services.
    Any change in source URL has the WebMap fail with broken URL. To fix it, the editor not only has to restore the right URL (which sounds logical), but must recreate the lost personalisation as well (filters, aliases, contextual window, styles, display levels, ...).

    Would ESRI consider prodiving us with a solution to "re-define source" (like in ArcGIS for Desktop for example) that would preserve personalisation ?

    An elegant way would be using ArcGis Online Contents :
     . administrator adds feature services URL to contents and share them with a specific group
     . map editors search and load layers from services listed in this group 
     . webmap stores service contents reference (not original URL)
     . so, any URL change only requires to redefine service source URL in contents, with no consequence for WebMaps at all

    Thank you

    Brest métropole, France