Need detailed useful suggestions upon MXD publishing failures

Idea created by rtolapi on Jun 11, 2015
    • rtolapi
    • alexroma
    Sometimes MXD publishing fails with various error messages, like Ex: "Packaging was successful and publishing failed". Once we get this kind of errors, it's almost impossible to re-publish even after many-many attempts. It happened with me so many times, in such cases definitely I would have to spend 4-5 hrs alone on making so many publishing attempts, with my surprise one of my attempt will be successful, I will be clue less with what caused the issue and how the issue resolved by itself automatically by eating my valuable time.

    My sincere request is, whenever any issue occurs while publishing a service on to ArcGIS Server, the error message and the suggestion to resolve the issue need to be very-very clear with details about the root cause.

    Recently we migrated to 10.2 from 9.3.1. I really like the 9.3.1 which was the best so far I worked on.