Add a Real Identify tool to the ArcGIS Pro's Inquiry Ribbon Area

Idea created by rfairhur24 Champion on Jun 11, 2015

    For my workflows no tool is more powerful or useful in ArcMap than the Identify tool window,  I use it in every workflow I do.  But I never click a point with that tool.  I always drag a box over my map to identify all features in the area I touched.  The list provided in the Identify window is invaluable for research, editing and activating hyperlinks that should not be limited to the set of features that can be identified at a point.  Because ArcGIS Pro lacks the abilities of area based Identify workflows I cannot migrate to ArcGIS Pro.

    The Indentify window of ArcMap cannot be replaced by the current Indentify window of ArcGIS Pro/AGOL.  In ArcMap the Identify Window effectively combines nearly all of the functionality of a Table View, Select by Location query, relationship viewer, hyperlink activator, and labeling engine viewer and sorter.  The ArcGIS Pro/AGOL behavior is painful to use for a real user of the ArcMap Identify window.

    The list view alone of the full set of objects selected is the just one of the many useful aspect of ArcMap Identify window.  It allows me to get a quick overview of large numbes of features so that I can isolate the feature or feature set I want to work with.  In ArcMap the Identify window list view allows me to simultaneously view a selection set in a Table View and simultaneously access the information of the full set of that feature class's features in my cuttrent view, as well as a host of other feature classes with the Visible layers option (my default setting and the setting I recommend for all my users)


    The current AGOL based identify window lacks a really useful overview list of features for my needs like the one shown above.  The only thing I can do with the dropdown list of indentified features in ArcGIS Pro is see the attributes and navigate to one feature at a time.  If the ArcGIS Pro Identify window remains patterned after the AGOL version and not the ArcMap version, ArcGIS Pro as a whole will never become a useful product for my work.  There is no way to do even a fraction of the things I can do with the entire set of identified features in the ArcMap Identify window shown above.  I can't even identify this set of features in ArcGIS Pro, since I am limited to point Identification.


    Everything in the ArcGIS Pro and AGOL Identify capabilities is oriented to a single feature, which does not work for me.  My workflow often just uses the arrow key to scroll through the ArcMap Identify list, which is impossible with the ArcGIS Pro/AGOL Identify window.  Fast intelligent navigation is not really possible, since to do it intelligently I have to constantly click a dropdown just to click each feature.

    Without a comparable Indentify window like the one in ArcMap and the ability to Identify regions of a map bigger than a point it is hard to even Identify the feature I want at all.  The small set of features ArcGIS Pro can identify and access at once makes the ArcGIS PRo/AGOL Identify window nearly useless for me, since I would have to click hundreds more times on the map to do the work I currently do in ArcMap.