ArcGIS Online Mobile User Content Display - include Groups!

Idea created by waveguide on Jun 11, 2015
    • waveguide
    When logging into ArcGIS on a mobile device (iPhone, Android etc.) the user account only displays the items that are contained in "My Content". If the user account is a member of a group, any items that are shared with groups that the user belongs to are not shown, and cannot be selected. The dropdown list that shows "My Content" only should be changed to include groups that the user is a member of. Currently, the only workaround is to select "View Full Site" and then get to the group content the normal way through the main page...not the best soulution on a mobile device with a small screen, and is a lot of extra steps to get to a map quickly from a mobile device. I beleive the old ArcGIS app used to allow users to select group content when they logged in. There needs to be a more elegant solution to allow mobile users to get to group content quickly when they login, without having to view the full site.