ArcGIS Pro is an unfinished product.

Idea created by 1_kevin_ruby on Jun 10, 2015
    Partially Implemented

    I am not sure what ESRI was thinking promoting ArcGIS Pro as if it was some sort of replacement for ArcMap.  It is missing so many BASIC functions that has been included in ArcMap for so long and makes it impossible to use ArcGIS Pro for my day to day functions.  I feel like I have wasted my time playing around with ArcGIS Pro It does look  great on the surface and is much faster than ArcMap; however, once you look past the surface, you begin to see everything that it does NOT do! And I am not talking about the more advanced tools, I am talking about BASIC editing and georeferencing tools.....and without those basic things, why would anyone waste more time using this unfinsihed product?  and I am not even going to mention the crashing.........