Metadata report and statistic

Idea created by Ingmar_Albinson on Jun 10, 2015
    • Ingmar_Albinson
    A database designer want a simple method to make report from metadata like subtypes, domains, tables and feature classes with field properties. Each developer create its own solution but they want an ESRI Inc solution for this.

    Example how to make metadata report on Subtypes in feature classes in ArcMap 10 from sde geodatabase on Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012.
    • File - Add data - Add Query Layer..
    • Select connection to database
    • Add a name for report (Subtypes)
    • Paste following SQL Script
    SELECT c.Name,
           RTRIM(Definition.value ('(/DEFeatureClassInfo/SubtypeFieldName)[1]','CHAR(100)')) AS 'SubtypeFieldName',  
           FeatureClass.Subtype.value('(SubtypeName)[1]', 'nvarchar(30)') AS 'SubtypeName',
           FeatureClass.Subtype.value('(SubtypeCode)[1]', 'int') AS 'SubtypeCode'
           FROM sde.GDB_ITEMS c
           CROSS APPLY c.Definition.nodes('/DEFeatureClassInfo/Subtypes/Subtype') FeatureClass(Subtype)
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