User logs for ArcGIS Server Services

Idea created by reedhtr on Jun 9, 2015
    • leon.van.der.meulen
    • reedhtr
    The feature:
    It would help to have brief (up to ~512 or ~1024 character) logs that admins can post with ArcGIS Server services.  These logs could persist indefinitely and be stored in xml associated with the repository for a given service..

    A possible UI:
    Maybe a new button somewhere in the services properties dialog or Server Manager, or a context menu option when right clicking on a service in ArcCatalog.

    The need:
    I am one of several GIS application developers in a workplace environment has multiple ArcGIS Servers and multiple responsible parties (data stewards, cartographers, etc.) for various services in dev, QA, and production.  We are responsible for posting information in the service descriptions for other administrators to know when the service was created, for what project, etc.  I would like to have associated with my services some brief notes about whether a service is supposed to be down or up, for what purpose I'm currently using a service, etc.  Otherwise we're just tracking this in separate documents or email, or usually not tracking it at all because it's inconvenient, not shared with others, and easy to misplace because such logs are not associated with a service.  It would be wonderful in that brief moment when I'm working with a temporary feature or map service while troubleshooting some problem with a client app to just jot a few notes about why I changed the configuration a certain way, what problems were reported with that service on a certain date, what version of the client app was associated with that service, etc.  Maybe maintenance notes for when I'm out of the office (hey, this service is part of such and such app.  If such and such an error happens, here's what you need to do with this service, etc.).