Credits – Better Balance Statements

Idea created by ashtonj on Jun 4, 2015

    I am aware of the credit tools available to AGOL administrators. What these tools don’t do is help me understand the major bulk deposits and debits. We have AGOL accounts that come from desktop entitlements, we have AGOL accounts that come from a XXX seat subscription, We also have occasionally purchased additional credits. These are all in the same AGOL organization/subscription. These renewal dates for (entitlements/subscription seats purchases) occurred at different times. Keep also in mind that credits do not roll over!!!!

    Last week I had 17K credits this week I only have 5K and I don’t know what came in or out of the account other than the 500 credits that I can attribute to storage of features in the organization using the provided admin tools.  So perhaps some credits that I bought, or last years entitlements got debited due to renewal - ie credits did not roll over.
    Also  I cannot tell if I got my credits associated with yearly entitlements, or credits associated with a renewed subscription? 

    For SaaS to work AGOL should to have more transparent -   "Balance Statements" or reporting on bulk credit deposits/debits

    Bulk Deposits

    • Yearly Entitlements
    • Yearly Subscription
    • Additional bulk purchases


    • Usage – Tools exist for this
    • Credits that don’t rollover