ArcGIS Pro Georeferencing Functionality

Idea created by 1_kevin_ruby on Jun 3, 2015

    I have been using ArcGIS Pro for just a few days now.  Although it is challenging at times to "relearn" ArcGIS, I have been able to find the tools that I am looking for (with online help sometimes.) My duties sometimes include importing images (plats, construction plans, etc.) and manually adjusting the scale/position or using the Add Control Points tool in ArcGIS.  It appears as if these are not an option in ArcGIS Pro.  I have been able to import an image, but I have been unable to find ANY tools that I can use to Georeference an image.  I use this tool often and will have a difficult time migrating to Pro without a georeferencing tool.  Was this something that was simply forgotten or just left out to be included in a future release?