Configure Feature Search Results

Idea created by Tmorland on Jun 3, 2015
    • Tmorland
    • dsjones
    While ArcGIS Online now allows a user to search a feature set up though the map detail page the result of that search only returns the value searched in the search result pop-up. There should be a ratio button added to this page that says, "Use configured pop-up." The configuration would then be handled though the config pop-up in the webmap. Hopefully this setting could be carried over to the templates that currently use feature search, such as the Basic and Simple Viewer Templates.

    This would be helpful in stream-lining the use of webmaps and their templates. Most of the time I search for a feature the first thing I do is click on the feature again to see the more detailed identify pop-up. This wouldn't be so bad if it were not for overlapping features and the feature that I searched on may not be the first page of the new pop-up which may hold dozens of recorded from different features.