Create a 3D GIS that can link to data

Idea created by Groenboom on May 29, 2015
    • Groenboom
    In my opinion, 3D GIS should not become a visualization tool, because (a) CAD already does it much better and (b) it does not fit/ match the function of GIS. GIS in 2 dimensions is about linking data to polygons. In 3-dimentional space, 3D GIS should thus be about linking data to cubes.
    Data linked in 3D can enable spatial modeling in 3D, which is my field of interest. At present, I need to manually calculate the data of a 3D structure to populate my spatial model. My vision is a 3D GIS that can automatically calculate the data of a 3D structure and automatically  populate my spatial model. This will allow an urban designer to get real-time data (e.g. vertical land use mix, density, accessibility, etc.) of the vertical urban structure (e.g. a downtown area) he or she is designing, while he or she is designing it.