Allow standardize queries setting per service - not server

Idea created by sgourley on May 19, 2015
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    The current state of standardized queries is that it is enabled or disabled for an entire arcgis server instance. The standardized query functionality would be better suited at the service level.  


    The Problem

    I have 1 service out of 100 that needs to use sub queries in a where clause. A sub query violates the standardized query rules. In order to allow this one site to function properly, every other service on my server now has standardize queries disabled. This is not ideal or a best practice.  


    The Solution

    1. Make standardize queries an option on the service not the server.
      1. much more configurable and awesome.
    2. Publish all services requiring standardized queries to a separate server.
      1. not a great option - expensive, more maintenance, yada yada


    This is a duplicate of ArcGIS Server standardized SQL queries