Variogram Labeling

Idea created by dkinnes on May 19, 2015
    • Willylynch
    • dkinnes
    • rchasan
    The labels on the variograms need to be user defineable. Currently the minimum and maximum values on the scales of the vagrams are dynamic.  While the limits are set to values pertaining to the data, they are not at all usefull in prepared presentation quality charts.  Futrthermore, the number of intervals along both axes cannot be changed.  Therefore, the values shown on the axes are arbitrary divisions of the min and max values.  Users need to be able to set the min, max and increments anog each axis.

    The numbers on the axes are only shown in scientific notation. These do save space on the variogram.  I have found that different variograms, at different anges, will produce values with different orders of magnitude.  Therefore, one must be very careful in analysing the results of multiple variograms to ensure that the values are being displayed are comparable.  The user should be able to choose the format of the axes.  Scientific notation should not be the only option.

    This is important when presenting the results to clients or managment.  If you're audience cannot decipher the labelling on the graphs, then they won't believe the results of the analysis.